Who’s Back? The Dessert Truck Is

Yaaaaay!!! I came across the lovely Dessert Truck again the other day. Looks like they’re back in business since my last post about them. Yes, I wasn’t hungry, but I picked up some goodies again for later. Prices have been raised to $6 for each dessert from $5, but it’s still worth the buy so I grabbed a serving of doughnuts and their chocolate bread pudding with bacon crème anglaise (a light dessert crème, think of a runnier custard).

AND! There was a nice little surprise filling in their doughnuts today, a decadent chocolate cream that was similar to nutella. I was going to taste a second donut to try and doublecheck to see if it was nutella, but they were all gone when I checked back. Keep in mind that the picture only shows two, but they come with 3 donuts. One was eaten already by the time I took my pictures.

-Joyce Huang
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