Where Art Thou Dessert Truck?

Dessert Truck

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I was thinking about a really bad dessert that I had, which led me to remember some really good desserts that I’ve had, which led me to think of the Dessert Truck, which led me to wonder why the hell each time I have been going to the Dessert Truck I haven’t seen their truck. A few things crossed my mind, such as, maybe they closed (but I couldn’t fathom this because they had amazing desserts), maybe the owners were hungover a lot (I mean, they are young) or maybe, they changed their location and for some sad reason, they didn’t notify anyone. So I did what any person my age would do. I Googled. I Googled and came across this link which says that the city won’t let them renew their permit for some reason they can’t understand because legal jargon is hard to understand. I beg of you. If you are a lawyer, please help them because I am going through withdrawals.

Cue flashback music to accompany my memory of my first and only taste of Dessert Truck:

It was a chilly night during some month, during some day of the week that ended with the word ‘day’. A girlfriend and I had just filled our belly with tons of pasta and sparkling red wine and I had been dying to get a taste of the Dessert Truck so I forced her to waddle all the way over to St. Marks and 3rd Ave with me. Everything was $5 and sounded delicious. We ended up leaving with coffee, chocolate molten cake, sugared doughnuts and their famous chocolate bread pudding with bacon crème anglaise. The bread pudding was so silky and smooth it was like a chocolate mousse, which probably led me to wonder why they just didn’t make a chocolate mousse, but whatever, it was DELISH! The bacon crème anglaise was interesting and added a smoky flavor to the dessert. The chocolate molten lava cake? My girlfriend’s eyes rolled to heaven with the first bite. The doughnuts? So light and fluffy and dusted with the perfect amount of sugar, I had to unbutton my pants to finish them. No, I have no shame when it comes to food.

And now I sadly sit at my really old laptop wondering when the next time I’ll get to taste the Dessert Truck will be. Sigh.

Dessert Truck
8.5 out of 10
-Joyce Huang

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