Tibetan & Indian Food in Jackson Heights

I haven’t felt like writing these past couple of days for some reason, but wanted to put up some images from a lunch that I had in Queens, NY a while back. The food was just so pretty.

We went to two spots, Spicy Tibet and Rojbhog Sweets.

At Spicy Tibet we had:

La Phing


Fried Buns (Not sure of actual name)


At Rojbhog Sweets we had samosas, gulab jamun, jalebi, and a bunch of other desserts that were fun to try. I loved the gulab jamun and jalebi so much that I got a ton to go. I was actually surprised by the gulab jamun. It was my first time having it and from images, I thought it would be super sweet, but it wasn’t the case at all. Also, apparently, you can buy lighter or darker gulab jamun.


Mixed tray

Gulab Jamun


Spicy Tibet

75-04 Roosevelt Ave.

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Rajbhog Sweets

72-27 37th Ave.

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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