Texas Frito Brittle


It’s chocolate-covered Frito chips, people!!! I haven’t had time to blog because of life, BUT after eating this I really needed to put up a quick post about it in order to share the joy around the world. So good. I got this as a gift while I was in Houson, TX and it was so dang delicious that we made it a point to stop by The Original Chocolate Bar to pick some up to bring back home. Basically the tub is filled with chocolate-covered Frito chips and pretzels, with tosses of chopped pecans. Obviously it’s sweet and salt, but man, that flavor combination is on point. One tub can easily be eaten in a sitting if you don’t portion control yourself. It’s incredibly addicting.

Lucky for you, you can buy it online.

Texas Frito Brittle, $8.95; TheOriginalChocolateBar.com

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