Product Rave & Blogging Update


OK, so going forward, I’m going to try and blog from my phone whenever I get a few minutes to. That means my posts will probably have more mistakes, but try not to make fun of me (too much).


This here is an amazing coconut juice by Coconut Palm. It’s like a creamy coconut water. The taste of coconut is strong, it has a good mouthfeel, and there is a touch of sweetness to it. It’s says that the juice is extracted from the coconut meat. You can order it at The store also has an app that I shop from all of the time. A can costs $1.39. Ingredients are as follows: Water, Cocounut Juice, Sugar Food Additives: Sodium Caseinate, Glycerol Monostearate.


Also, blogging from a phone is hard, as my original post got entirely deleted when I hit publish.


That is all.

Joyce Huang


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