My Favorite Cake Of All-Time: Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Brooklyn blackout cake has a special place in my heart and tummy because it truly is my favorite cake. It’s so chocolately and thick and dense, but all in good ways. Not to get too personal, but girls, when you are PMSing, this will definitely hit the spot. I even love the Entenmann’s version and have been known to walk to various stores to find the affordable Entenmann’s version when it is my time of the month. TMI? Sorry.

A fantastic friend of mine got me one from Two Little Red Hen’s bakery from the Upper East Side last year for a birthday surprise (well she called me and asked me what cake I wanted, but I wasn’t expecting her to bring me a cake originally) and for the past god knows how long I have been day dreaming about it since. Their version is made with layered of devil’s food cake, chocolate pudding and fudge frosting. SOOOOO GOOOOOD! Is it bad if I order one for myself and eat it all?

History and the internet says that the Brooklyn Blackout Cake originated from Ebingers, a bakery in Brooklyn that no longer exists. It breaks my heart that I’ll never be able to try a slice….or ten…or a hundred of theirs. But you can’t always get what you want right?

-Joyce Huang

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