Last Chance For Red Velvet Custard At Shake Shack!

I don’t think that I’ve ever met anyone that wasn’t a fan of red velvet cake.  Or if they weren’t a fan of red velvet, maybe I just chose to forget about them and delete them from my Facebook. Anyway, a girlfriend of mine, who also introduced me to a great Vietnamese restaurant (you’ll read about it later this week),  needed to get her red velvet custard fix at Shake Shack because they are only serving it on Saturdays for the month of May. Obviously I wasn’t going to say no.

It was love at first bite. While I thought that I was only going to be getting just the taste of the cake part of a red velvet, I was wrong. The custard was cream cheese flavored and had red velvet cake chunks in it. The folks at Shake Shack thought of everything! You can’t have red velvet without the cream cheese frosting after all! And what’s great is that the custard that they serve is always thick, creamy and there’s something about it that makes you feel so homey. Woohoo! This Saturday will be the last time that Shake Shack will be serving this delectable dessert (not sure when they will bring it back), so make sure to stop by.

6.5 out of 10

-Joyce Huang

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