Kobe Steak: Gyu-an Ginza Tokyo, Japan

Phew. I am sooo freaking sleepy right now and the sun is still out. Have been really wanting to get in another Japan post though. My first restaurant experience in Tokyo, Japan was in the Ginza area and it was really memorable. We had Kobe steak at Gyu-an Ginza and if you know steak or know food, you know why this is a pretty important moment in my life.

Kobe beef wasn’t allowed in the United States for a very long time, UNTIL the last couple of years. However, only a handful of restaurants in all of the United States are even allowed to import it and serve it. Many restaurants in the states and mislabel their wagyu beef as Kobe, and are pretty much just lying. Kobe beef is a very specific beef, so it always amazed me that companies would lie about having it on the menu.

Gyu-an Ginza is extremely popular. We got there before they opened for lunch and there was a line already. It has a lovely staff in the front of the house. You remove shoes before entering, so make sure to wear or bring socks. Instead of sitting in chairs, you sit on the floor and let your feet dangle into a hole in the floor.

To the point of this post, the meat. We ordered two types of Kobe steaks, which were basically whatever two they had on the menu that day. I believe one was a filet cut, the other, I’m not so sure of as I don’t read Japanese. The steak itself is unlike anything I have had before. If you love new foods or steak, then having genuine kobe beef is a must try. Think of an extremely marbled and rich steak. A steak so rich that you may not even need to finish the whole thing, it is that satisfying. For me, it was a very memorable meal to have. However, I will say that for the price, which was about $150 for each kobe steak, it is very expensive. It is also very delicious.


Worth it? Yes. Do I need to have it on a regular basis? No. I’m very glad that I got to experience it though.


Gyu-an Ginza

6-13-6 Ginza | B1F Kakyoshokokai Bldg., Chuo 104-0061

Tokyo Prefecture (Ginza / Tokyo Nihonbashi)

+81 3-3542-0226


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