Ice Cream, Please.

I started eating a lot of ice cream recently and decided to keep a running list. Yes, I am very bored right now. This below is a running list, so I’ll be updating it every time I have a flavor that hasn’t previously been featured on it. Happy days!

Ben & Jerry's chocolate therapy

42. Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Ohmigawd. I could eat the entire pint in one sitting and then open another one and eat that one too.

7-11 _Banana_Cream

41. 7-11 7-Select GO! Yum Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream: Banana and pie crust. I couldn’t find my image of it, so I pulled this off of their site. A girlfriend asked me to try it out for her and it was delicious. Very light and fluffy even, just like a cream pie.

Ray's Candy Store NYC

40. Ray’s Candy Store Pistachio soft serve. How can you not love this NYC institution?

Oddfellows 1

39. Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. Sprinkles ice cream. So cute and colorful. It will remind you of being a kid again. Oddfellows 2

38. Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. Buttermilk Honey Blueberry: OMG. This was delicious. It made me sad I was missing out on it all of my life.

Pizza Beach

37. Pizza Beach Upper East Side S’mores Sundae: Il Laboratorio Mascarpone gelato, graham crackers, chocolate sauce and whipped marshmallow.Not the best picture because of the lighting in the restaurant. While it was a very tasty sundae, I have to say that it was one of the saddest sundaes I have every seen before. It was so tiny and I couldn’t get over that. We shared it between three people. I think I got maybe 3 bites.

Chinatown Ice Cream36. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: Don Tot (Chinese egg custard) and Zen Butter (peanut butter ice cream with toasted sesame seeds). The Zen Butter wasn’t heavy like an American peanut butter ice cream would be and it was soooo good.

Holey Creme

35. Holey Cream: Oreo doughnut with red velvet ice cream. Surprisingly, not heavy like I thought it was going to be. I split it and it was a great dessert for two. Grom

34. Grom Cioccolato and crema con una volta: It tasted good, but I was in a really bad mood because as soon as I stepped out of the shop it melted allover me. Definitely doesn’t not hold up to any type of heat very well in the summer.

Big Gay Monday

33. Big Gay Ice Cream Monday Sundae: Twist ice cream with Nutella lined cone, dulce de leche, sea salt and whipped cream.711 S'mores

32. 7-Select GO! Yum Toasted S’mores: graham cracker flavored ice cream blended with chocolate chunks and swirls of marshmallow and fudge. I’ve never had 7-11 ice cream before and was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

B&J Boom

31. Ben & Herry’s Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core: Mocha and caramel ice creams with chocolate cookies. Fudge flakes and chocolate cookie core. Love this core, so far it’s my favorite. But then again, I’m pretty obsessed with cookies, as Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies is one of my faves. Talenti Butter Pecan

30. Talenti Gelato Southern Butter Pecan: Rich and decadent, dig into this when you want to really feel like you are splurging.

Talenti double dark chocolate

29. Talenti Gelato Double Dark Chocolate: If you prefer more ‘grown-up’ chocolate ice creams then this is a great choice for you.

AB Biagi ice cream bun

28. A.B. Biagi Brioche con Gelato: Nutella gelato freshly sandwiched and pressed between warm brioche bread.

Blue Marble Cookies n Cream

27. Blue Marble Brooklyn Cookies & Cream: They’re strawberry is one of my favorite ice creams, so it’s safe to say this one was pretty yummy too.

BJ speculoos

26. Ben & Jerry’s Spectacular Speculoos Cook Core: Dark caramel and vanilla ice cream with Speculoos cookies and Speculoos cookie butter core.

Everyone gets excited about Ben & Jerry core ice creams. And for good damn reason. They are delicious. You can’t not like this core if you love Speculoos.

BJ pb half baked

25. Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Half Baked: Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream mixed with gobs of peanut butter cookie dough and fudge brownies.

This made me remember how much I love the regular half baked ice cream because I hadn’t had it in so long. The peanut butter version is great too because it’s not overpowering like some peanut butter ice creams can be.

Steve's Small Batch Bourbon

24. Steve’s Ice Cream Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla: Small batch bourbon in vanilla.

For those who love bourbon or just love whiskey, I have a feeling you are going to like this one. The taste of the alcohol is very present.

Phin & Phebes Vietnamese

23. Phin & Phebes Vietnamese Ice Coffee: Coffee ice cream with a hint of chicory and cardamon.

A friend of mine wasn’t a fan of this, but I still wanted to try it. I have to agree that as a Vietnamese coffee ice cream, it would be better instead to get a really creamy coffee ice cream or just drink a Vietnamese coffee. HOWEVER! It is a very delicious chicory and cardamon ice cream cream. So I just feel like it’s just a bit mislabeled.

BJ Chubby Hubby

22. Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby: Vanilla malt ice cream with peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge and peanut buttery swirls.

Obviously my husband at this all because of the peanut buttery swirls.

bj cherry garcia21. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia: Cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes.

When I was in elementary school, cherry chocolate chip was my favorite flavor.

Steves Ice Cream BK Blackout

20. Steve’s Ice Cream No. 32 BKLYN Blackout: Milk chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding.

I like chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding likes me.

BJ Cake Batter

19. Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter: Yellow cake batter ice cream with chocolate frosting swirl.

Love this one. Even if it didn’t have the chocolate frosting swirl I would eat it.

BJ Candy Bar Pie

18. Ben & Jerry’s Candy Bar Pie: Peanut butter ice cream with fudge flakes, chocolate nougat and sweet and salty pretzel pieces.

This is definitely for the peanut butter lover in your life.

BJ Cinnamon Buns

17. Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns: Caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and cinnamon streusel swirl.

My husband says that it’s the closet thing he can get to his his favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor that was discontinued, oatmeal chocolate chunk.

BJ Milk & Cookies

16. Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

I love this flavor because I love cookies dipped in milk. Really wish there were some Oreos in there too though.

HD Vanilla15. Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

A classic flavor that you can never go wrong with.

ABC sundae

14. ABC Kitchen Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sundae: Candied peanuts and popcorn with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Big gay salty

13. Big Gay Ice Cream Salty Pimp: Vanilla soft serve ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate dip.

Big Gay Ice Cream is AMAZING soft serve. I love it just plain even.

bj boston

12. Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie: Boston cream pie ice cream with yellow cake pieces, fudge flakes and swirls of pastry cream.

Really liking this one. My fave part is the thick pastry cream that’s swirled into the ice cream.

bj cannoli

11. Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli: Mascarpone ice cream with fudge covered cannoli pastry shell chunks and mascarpone swirl.

I was super excited about this ice cream, but it was very underwhelming. Cry, cry.

bj cluster

10. Ben & Jerry’s What the Cluster: Peanut butter ice cream with caramel cluster pieces, marshmallow swirls and peanut buttery swirls.

I can’t handle that much peanut butter, which is why I bought this one for my husband who loved it.

bj everything

9. Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The…: A collision of chocolate and vanilla ice creams mixed with peanut butter cups, fudge-covered toffee pieces, white chocolately chunks and fudge-covered almonds.

It’s good, but I wouldn’t need to try it again.

bj hd peanut butter

7. Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream.

It tasted like vanilla.

Yes, I am joking.

8. Haagen-Dazs Peanut Butter Pie

Let’s just say that the husband ate it all.

blue marble bj

4. Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake: Red velvet cake batter ice cream with red velvet cake pieces and cream cheese frosting swirl.

It was red velvetly.

5. Blue Marble Ice Cream Vanilla

Can’t go wrong with a really good vanilla ice cream.

6. Blue Marble Ice Cream Strawberry

I’m a sucker for a delicious and well-made strawberry ice cream.Emack cone

3. Emack & Bolio’s

I can’t remember what flavor this was, but am always pleased with what I get there. Plus I just wanted to post this picture because I love the colors, heehee.

jb cake

2. Joel Robuchon Raspberry Ice Cream Birthday Cake

They can do no wrong there.

mj lemon

1. Milwaukee Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream Lemon Custard

Tasted just like a lemon sandwich cookie. Hell, yeah.

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