Homemade Italian Cookies

Italian cookies recipe 2

I love Italian cookies. Particularly the ones that are long, sandwiched with jam, dipped in chocolate and then dipped in sprinkles. I just call them Italian sandwich cookies, but I feel like if you look on the internet, you’ll be able to find a bunch of different names for this particular style of cookie. I figured that it was time to learn how to make them, and when it came to choosing a recipe, I’m so happy that I stumbled across Gretchen’s Bakery tutorial on Italian cookies.

This particular recipe is easily to follow, very helpful and the visuals of how to pipe out the cookies is great. Usually when I purchase Italian cookies from a bakery, they are more crumbly, which I don’t have an issue with. This recipe is just slightly crumbly and has a softness to it, which is what my husband prefers. As a matter of fact, he said these were the best Italian cookies that he has ever had before.

Joyce Huang

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