Fruit Obsession: Jackfruit

jackfruit 1

Growing up, I only tasted jackfruit in its canned form. However, as an adult I’ve been able to find it fresh and it is amazing. So addictive.

jackfruit 3

I crave it everyday now, so when I stop by my Asian supermarket, I make sure to stock up on it.

jackfruit 2

Some observations about jackfruit:

-When it’s not ripe, it’s crunchy, but has no taste.

-When it is ripe, I have had ones that taste just like sugary candy, to ones that taste like candied banana. When you get the candied banana ones, they really do taste as if they are part banana.

-It seems that people who aren’t familiar with jackfruit often confuse it with durian and breadfruit.

-Sometimes you get a sticky goo when you break down jackfruit. I wonder if this has to do with the ripeness, because I’ve had super sweet ones that weren’t sticky at all.

Joyce Huang

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