Fried Pancake Dipped Bacon Oreos

Fried Bacon Oreos

I was procrastinating taking a break from work today and realized that I like deep frying things when I take breaks. Inspired by the bacon-wrapped Oreos that have been going around the web, I opted to make Oreos sandwiching bacon and then deep fried in pancake batter. I liked these a lot. You basically taste a deep fried Oreo with a hint of salty and bacon. They’re super satisfying. One of my favorite parts was how the crème filling was all melty. I don’t care that melty isn’t a word, it should be.

I actually wanted to make the bacon wrapped version, but my husband didn’t feel like eating them, and you need thin bacon for the bacon-wrapped Oreos and I only had thick cut and didn’t feel like slicing it thinner by hand.


Crispy bacon cut into pieces that fit the diameter of an Oreo. Use the flattest bacon possible.

Double Stuffed Oreos sliced through the middle. If the creme comes all off one side of the cookie, just use a knife to swipe it back on.

A bowl of pancake batter.

Enough oil to deep fry in. I used Canola.


Now What?

When the oil is hot enough to fry it (I drop it a tiny bit of pancake batter to see if the oil sizzles and cooks it right away), sandwich one piece of crispy and flat bacon into the middle of one of the Oreos. Close the sandwich and hold together in your fingers. Keep the cookie together and dip into the pancake batter. Make sure that you’re still holding it closed. Gently drop it into the oil. When golden, flip it to the other side with a chopstick in each hand, or however else you can flip it without burning yourself. When the bottom is golden brown, take out and drain on a paper towel. Let it cool off a bit and then sink your teeth into it. So good!

Joyce Huang

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