Emeril’s Gumbo Recipe


Life is so crazy busy right now, but my blog helps me keep my sanity, so I try and take quick breaks to update it when I can. Today we are having gumbo because I can make it in bulk and it lasts for a very long time. And when you are busy, cooking ahead is always a bonus.

Emeril has an amazing recipe for sausage and chicken gumbo that I always use as the base recipe for my own gumbo. It has come out so good every single time that I’ve never had a need or want to not use it as my base. The only one main change I make to it is that I use kielbasa for the sausage part now simply because I really love kielbasa. Typically I just serve it over steamed, long grain rice that I make in a rice cooker.

You can truly customize this gumbo recipe however you want. I’ve added crab legs, used okra or no okra, made it super spicy, made it not spicy at all. It really is a fantastic recipe that you will go to time and time again. Today I made it with okra, and made it non-spicy due to the tastes of the people I will be serving it to. Next time I plan on loading it with a bunch of shellfish because I’m craving seafood and that sounds amazing to me at this very moment.

Here’s a picture of my roux by the way. Today I didn’t cook it as dark as this due to time, but if I do have the time, I love getting it to this shade because it looks so beautiful and gives the end gumbo a very intense flavor.

Gumbo 2

Joyce Huang

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