Dine At The Dutch This Weekend

The Dutch is a solid restaurant that I would not mind going back to. It’s really popular right now, so make sure to call ahead for a reservation. While Dutch is in the name, the food is really New American. Overall the menu is simple and straight -forward. It looks like the owners wanted to do comfort food, whether it’s tripe or fried chicken, and make it simple and tasty. Was The Dutch life changing? No. But it was certainly a good place to eat and where one knows that they can get an above average meal.

Little Oyster Sandwiches: Fried oysters are sandwiched in a bun and spread with a mayo based sauce. Good to snack on, and would go great with a beer.

Dressed crab, Bloody Mary and green goddess appetizer: Think of crab meat that’s sitting on top of a Bloody Mary cocktail and topped with celery leaves. Light, fresh and a nice way to start the meal.

Sea scallop, spring peas, bacon and pickled ramps: The scallops were perfectly cooked and very tender. Your teeth will slice through it like butter. Bonus is the peas, which my friend gobbled down. A great dish that I can see myself recommending, as well as ordering again.

Hot fried chicken with a honey biscuit and sides. The skin on the chicken was great, I wish I was hungrier so that I could have eaten more of it. Then there was the biscuit, and while it was good, I have to say that there was nothing sweet about it, and I missed that touch of honey, since honey was in the name. But what really tickled our taste buds were the sides that it came with. Their mashed potatoes were heavenly, the collard greens addicting and the coleslaw was refreshing and not heavy at all. I insisted on finished every single bite of the sides, and must say that they were my favorites of the entire meal.

Dessert: We went with their special pies of the day. A coconut cream pie and an apple-rhubarb pie. And I hate to use the word ‘light’ again, but it was. The cream pie had a buttery crust and was filled with whipped cream. The apple-rhubarb was homey wit h a tart accent.

Once again to reiterate, it’s not a mind-blowing restaurant, but it is a solid one that performs well. On my next trip, I’ll be asking for mashed potatoes, the Asian white boy ribs, barrio tripe with beer and avocado, and last, but not least, the smoked ricotta ravioli with tomato and soft herbs.

8 out of 10

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St
New York 10012

-Joyce Huang
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