Creamy Chicken Salad Spread Recipe

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Oof. Chicken salad spread is one of those things that I try not to make too often because I want to, and sometimes do, eat the whole thing in one sitting. I’ll spread it on toast, dip crackers into it, and simply eat it with a spoon. For some reason, I actually prefer it to a chunky chicken salad. I wonder if because if feels like more of a dip, and a meal of decadence and naughtiness because I love mayonnaise and use it with no restraint.

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Of course, I don’t have exact measurements for you, BUT Laura Fuentas has her own version, and it looks great AND she measures. Mine is different from hers though, so keep reading if you want to try and make my version.


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If you would like to attempt my version of it, just add in the condiments slowly so that you can taste along the way to make sure that it is to your liking. I always do anyway whenever I make it. The reason my image of chicken salad spread above has three containers is because I had to make three different versions due to various allergies.

Chicken salad spread 1


Boiled chicken breasts or roast white meat, no skin (I typically use boiled chicken breast. I use roasted chicken if I have leftovers that I want to use up.)

Boiled eggs



1-2 stalks of celery

Mayonnaise (In the south they like to use Duke’s mayonnaise, which I ordered online. Prices are jacked up, but I didn’t have a choice because of my goddamn curiosity.)

Black pepper

Sweet relish

Now What?

After the chicken and eggs have cooled off a bit, cut them up and toss them into a blender or food processor. Throw in the celery as well. Pulse or blend until everything starts to come together. It may even start to look paste like, or like something that you might want to turn into a pate if you kept going. Then add in a pinch of sugar. Then add salt, pepper, and relish to taste. I love lots of relish in mine.

And there you have it. Very, very, very addicting. Serve with butter crackers, saltines, veggies, breads, tortillas, salads, and so much more.

Joyce Huang



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