Cookie D? NYC

If you don’t like cookie dough, cookies, or ice cream, then you’ll want to skip this spot. If you like any of the above, then you have got to check Cookie D? out.

I was never a huge fan of eating raw cookie dough. It was tasty, but I would always much rather eat the baked form. Brownie batter is a whole other story for me though! I’m not digressing like I usually do, this point will kind of come up later again.

The dough at Cookie D? is pasteurized, so safe for me to eat since I’m knocked up, and I think that it tastes better than raw cookie dough that we mix up at home or buy from the supermarket. Get this, you can actually take this dough home to bake and the cookies are amazing!!! Like really, freaking good.

Raw-wise I tried the brownie batter (I told you I didn’t really digress), oatmeal M&M, chocolate chip, and chocolate dream. In addition, I got a chocolate chip cookie and The Brookie which is a brownie layered with half-baked cookie dough and topped with chocolate ganache. I also baked the brownie batter and chocolate dream into cookies because I just really liked their baked cookies.

Moral of the story. If you love cookie dough, this will not taste exactly like the cookie dough that you grew up with, BUT it’s really good. Like I said, I prefer this version. A friend of mine likes to freeze hers. If you are like me, you will probably take a bite or two of the cookie dough and then bake up the rest of it. Either way, you should check this place out. I would definitely go back to try more flavors and to bring home dough to bake up. FYI, there’s a vegan option as well!

Cookie D?

550 LaGuardia Pl.

New York, NY 10012

(646) 892-3600

Joyce Huang

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