Children With Hair Loss Donation

Joyce Huang

Taking a step away from food, I wanted to bring up one of the charities I have worked with. Children With Hair Loss is a non-profit organization that donates free hair to children who don’t have any due to medical reasons.

Children With Hair Loss 2

I’ve had long hair for the past decade and could never find a place to donate it because it was always bleached. And that’s when I came across Children With Hair Loss. As long as your hair is in good condition and is at least 8 inches, you can donate it. Yay! So now there’s a little girl running around with close to 20 inches of blue hair.

Children with hair loss 3

Make a hair or monetary donation today!

And if you are looking for more charities to work with, be sure to come back. I’ll be writing about other organizations that I have or currently work with.

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-Joyce Huang

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