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[Update: So after talking with my husband, with the amounts of processed food I was eating, I shouldn’t have been gaining that much weight. BUT we did realize that I have been changing medications in the past 8 months, which is when my body started gaining the weight, which would also explain why it’s been so hard to take off. Hopefully my body will adjust to the medicine soon!]

Hey all!
There’s been a ton of going out and recipe experimentations, which explains my big weight gain and how none of my clothing fits me anymore. I’ve been eating my way through crispy fried chicken, OMG cannoli, stacked heroes, fresh prosciutto bread, gooey ziti, mouthwatering soup dumplings, this list can go on and on and on. Do I regret eating so much? Hell, no! It all tasted so good. But my body wants to get back to my ideal weight to feel physically more comfortable, so instead of just going back to a balanced eating style (ie mainly clean eating, but it’s OK if I have a slice of pizza and not binge on the whole pie), I think that for the next few days I’m going to try and do hardcore clean eating. It’s going to be difficult because I have goodies in the freezer from a trip I made to the Little Italy on Arthur Avenue, but hopefully doing a daily food diary will hold me accountable for what I end up eating. Or not, because that bread from Madonia Bakery, heated and dipped in olive oil is absolutely delicious. Wish me luck!

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