Arrogant Swine BBQ in Bushwick, NY

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Sorry about the pics, it was super dark in there. But I’ll tell you what. Good BBQ is very hard to find in NY, and this was some good BBQ. Arrogrant Swine is a North Caroline style BBQ joint, which means dishes are made from a whole hog, and sauces are made with a vinegar base. Everyone that works there is really amicable and easygoing. Drinks and food are ordered at the bar and brought out to your table. There are water jugs on the side so you can grab as many of those as you want. Major bonus is there they have a fantastic bourbon list, and some nice rye whiskeys as well.

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Pork Belly

Topped with crispy shallots and comes with spicy tamarind dip. My favorite meat dish of the night, but I prefer fat on my meat, so that could be why.

Spare Ribs

South Carolina mustard glaze. The meat had a nice pull to it and there was a lot of meat on each bone.

Pit Smoked Beans

Nice, with meat and sweetness to it.

Greensboro Pitmaster Chix Wing

Smoked over oak and glazed with Vietnamese caramel sauce. Our least favorite meat dish, although we had high hopes for it. Not sure if it was the wood or the sauce, but it was very flavorless and fatty. Usually smoked chicken wings are one of my fave dishes too.

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East Carolina Whole Hog with Crackling

Pulled, chopped pork with seasoning and crackling topping. Flavorful, moist and I loved the cracklings on top.

Western North Carolina Outside Brown Shoulder

Pork shoulder with a tomato-based dip. Very tender chunks of meat.

Corn Bread

Shaped like a mini waffle, it was good. Not amazing, but good.

Kenny G’s Mac n Cheese

Waffle-pressed mac n cheese with Queso on the side. Wasn’t really loving this in regards to texture and flavor, even with the dip. I think because I prefer creamy mac n cheese, and ones with a sharper cheese flavor as well.

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Banana Cream Pie

I’m sure it would’ve been a really nice dish, but our crust was raw. We waited a while for it because they had to make the dough from scratch, but they took it out too soon and it was about 70% raw dough still, only the edges were cooked through. Otherwise, the bananas had a nice caramelization to them and the whipped cream was nice with the vanilla wafers.

Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11206

Joyce Huang

Arrogant Swine

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