15% Off Cave Tools Salad Spinner

First things first, you can get 15% off this Cave Tools salad spinner when you purchase it from Amazon or Cave Tools. Just use the code: SALAD15. If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, I would highly recommend getting it. If you entertain once in a while, I would suggest getting one too. It really comes in handy.

As you have probably seen, I review Cave Tool products once in a while and this time I requested the salad spinner because I got tired of soggy salads that water down my dressing, and got annoyed when I didn’t clean leafy greens well enough. I even remember when I made a caprese salad and the basil was so fresh that there was dirt all up in it. I ‘thought’ I cleaned it well enough, till I took a bite of the food and could not stop crunching on soil. I told everyone to stay away from it, which sucked because fresh mozzarella is not cheap!!

It’s really easy to use. Put the produce in the white bowl and then the white bowl in the clear bowl. Rinse off the product till it is clean and then pour out the water. Place the cover on and then spin away.

Here, I was making myself a big Caesar salad for dinner and you can see all of the water that I spun off of it. Crazy, huh?

Bonus is that the clear bowl doubles as a serving bowl.

Bonus, bonus is that this is all dishwasher safe.

For $19.99, it’s a great buy that you are going to get more use out of than you think.

Joyce Huang



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