Yes, I’ll Admit, I Went To A Museum And Not For The Art

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One of my girlfriends took me to a hidden gem today, so shhhhhh, she would kill me for putting it on a blog, but when I get excited about a place, I have to share it. On the ground level of the Neue Galerie is a fantastic German and Austrian based eaterie called Cafe Sabarsky. The decor is very sleek and elegant with rich wood walls and tall windows that fill the room with just the right amount of sunlight. The menu has a wide range of prices with drinks starting at $3.50, so feel free to sit with a good book and enjoy a seltzer sweetened with fresh elderflower syrup, or maybe a mango-ginger iced tea is more your speed? Some of the coffee drinks are more on the expensive side, but they’re delicious and you can get them with ice cream or whipped cream, yum! Today I went savory, while my girlfriend went sweet. I ordered a Schinkenfleckerl mit Emmentaler und Salat because I got off my juice fast this afternoon and wanted something filling. For those of you who can’t read German, it was pasta with Bavarian ham, cream, grated Emmentaler (cheese) and came with lovely breads and a side salad with a mustard dressing. I know I usually go to Italian restaurants for my pasta, but I think I’m going to have to start going to German ones. It was delicious, wonderfully balanced yet full of flavor. I was able to taste each component separately and together with each chew. Oh that’s nice pasta…ohhh there comes the cheese….ohhhh the cream is luscious, you get the drift. My girlfriend opted for the sachertore, which is a Viennese dark chocolate cake with house made apricot confiture (which tasted like a jam/syrup) and coated in a chocolate shell. I was expecting something really heavy (which isn’t bad depending on the dish), but it wasn’t. The texture was nice and dense, but the flavors weren’t overpowering at all. Once again, a well-balanced dish. Overall, the food and drinks were very impressive, very rarely am I so pleased with both the savory and sweet dishes a restaurant has to offer, kudos to Chef and and Owner Kurt Guttenbrunner, I look forward to going to his other restaurants.

8.5 out of 10

1048 5th ave. (on the corner of 86th str.)
New York, NY 10028
Inside the Neue Galerie

-Joyce Huang
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