Yes, Another Write Up About My FAVORITE Bar

As you guys might know already, Angel’s Share in my favorite bar. It’s a relaxing, Japanese speakeasy in the Village, and even though I already wrote about it here, I wanted to tell you about their new Spring cocktails. They have amazing seasonal drinks, and I sampled two of them the other night and was so happy with my choices. That’s what is great about Angel’s Share, I know that I can have normal standby cocktails of theirs, but whenever you want to try something new, there is always something new to try. Sometimes I’ll even order off the menu and just a pick a liquor, and they’ll concoct something on the spot for me. How fantastic!

The first drink was a champagne class filled with a basil sorbet that was topped off with champagne. In the menu, I think it said that there was gin in there as well. It was topped with this adorable star garnish, look how perfect! Just it’s a girly drink, but it was such a fun one too, because once it melted a little bit, it turned into a slushie! I LOVED it!

The next drink of the night had a gin base and was topped with muddle celery, fresh honeydew and cucumber. It was garnished very simply with thin cucumber slices. I did like my first drink better, but was glad that I tried this one too because I had never had muddle celery in a cocktail before. The end result was similar to a very fresh veggie smoothie, with a kick of alcohol in it.

And you know how much I love this place? Jameson is my favorite drink, and even though they don’t carry it there, I still go once a month. During my last visit there, I overheard someone talking about their bacon infused bourbon (which I have also had before), and he said to his friend, “I want to go in the bathroom and pleasure myself with it.” I know, I know, there are so many speakeasies in New York City now, blah, blah, but 1) Angel’s Share has been around since 1994. 2) They don’t overdo it like other speakeasies do. And what I mean by this is that I go to some places where they put 20 ingredients in one glass and I have no idea what I’m drinking in the end. 3) They explain on the menu, which each cocktail is, and how they came up with the idea, which I always love reading.

By the way, I must give credit when it is due, my friend Samuel, introduced me to this place. And thank goodness he did, because it has become such a go-to-bar in my life.

Oh! And before I forget to mention it, GQ magazine, which I am absolutely addicted to, named Angel’s Share the #2 best bar in the United States. See. Someone else agrees with me too!

9 out of 10

Angel’s Share

8 Stuyvesant St

New York, NY 10003

(212) 777-5415

-Joyce Huang
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