What’s Your Family Recipe Or Food?

My Mother's Family When She Was Little

Family is so important in life. Family can mean moms and dads and aunts and grannies or it can mean friends, a wife or new child. It’s something that I love capturing about people that I grew up with and those who have recently come into my life. And after talking and cooking with different people, I’ve seen how different foods can stir up so many memories, whether it’s Sunday Gravy and stuffing or even McDonald’s and instant ramen. I’m going to start doing posts on family recipes and foods, not just my own, but everyone’s family. If you have a family recipe or food item that you associate with family, I would love it if you could send it to me for me to post and share with everyone. I would love to include a family picture of yours to include with the write up as well, but if you prefer, can also just use a food picture that I will find myself.

Please send all info to me at joycehuang1126@gmail.com. Thank you for sharing!

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