What Jet Ate Today

I love my son. I love good food. I want to feed my amazing baby some really good food. I would be heartbroken if later on in life he was a horrible eater. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is seeing an adult wrinkle their nose and go ‘ew’ when something is brought out. It is incredibly disrespectful and rude in my eyes. Being able to enjoy all kinds of food is one of life’s greatest gifts. Not only is it a form of nourishment, but it’s a look into many different cultures.


My son is still breastfed but started his solids journey a couple of months ago. I started an Instagram account to share some of the food that he is experimenting with. It’s a great diary for us to keep track of what he has tried (he gets one new food a day) and I love being able to share baby food ideas with everyone else, as I get inspiration from social media as well. It’s a give and take relationship! If you are interested in seeing what he has been eating lately, you can head over to Instagram @whatjetatetoday.

Joyce Huang

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