Union Oyster House, aka, Ye Olde Oyster House

I’ve never had genuine Boston baked beans before that weren’t out of a can or candy from Duane Reade. So during my last trip there, I had to get some, and they were really yummy. After a long walk, I stopped for a bite at the Union Oyster House/Ye Olde Oyster House and snacked on Boston baked beans, clam chowder, cocktail shrimp and raw oysters. The Boston baked beans were sweet and homey, something that I want to try making in my own kitchen and will. I wish that I were hungrier at the time so that I could have finished it all, instead of just tasted it. While the clam chowder wasn’t the best that I’ve had, it’s definitely better than a lot of the clam chowders served in New York City. The oysters were really good, light and slightly sweet, however, I’m not sure exactly what oysters they were, as it just said native oysters on the menu. The cocktail shrimp? Nothing really special, but it’s always a straightforward dish.

I do have a complaint about the oldest restaurant in Boston though, the waitress. While she was nice, she must have asked me if I wanted something to drink about five times. Once is standard. Twice is kind to check up on me. More than that is just stalkerish and uncomfortable. I just wanted water, and if there was a one drink minimum, she could have just told me and I would have gotten a soda or something. But I couldn’t tell if there was a one drink minimum that she wasn’t telling me about, or if she was just trying to up sell, but if I weren’t such a polite person when I dine out, I would have asked her to please leave me alone. It might have been that she was on the younger side and just didn’t know any better. So Union Oyster House, if you’re reading this please tell your wait staff to back off a bit. Major turn off.

6 out of 10

Union Oyster House

41 Union Street

Boston, MA 02108

(617) 227-2750

-Joyce Huang
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