Unicorn Poop Cookies!!!


I get a lot of spam. A loooot of spam. And I had to turn off my spam filters because a ton of important emails have been going into my spam and trash folders. So now I see tons of emails in my inbox that I had no clue I was a target market for.

There’s, Join J-Date! Nah. I’m O.K., thanks though.

Cam Cuties? No, please stay away from my computer.

Express Pharmacy? This doesn’t sound legal at all.

Unicorn Poop Cookies? YES, PLEASE!!

I got an email from Fab.com with the words Unicorn Poop Cookies in the subject heading and had to click over. What I found were the most magical cookies I had ever seen before. They were colorful, glittery and shaped like poop. These great cookies are made by Sweet Insanity. Owner Kristy Lynn said that this is her most famous baked good and the name came from her mother, who would call it unicorn sh*t. Oh the things moms say. I am definitely going to give these a whirl at sometime.

Not only do I love cookies, but the visual draw of these is just way too good to pass up.

-Joyce Huang


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