Umami Burger NYC Review

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I had a burger this weekend. And I don’t know if I will be able to explain this correctly and it might sound weird, but here it goes. So, I’m not positive if it was the most delicious burger I have ever had before, but it sure as hell was the most satisfying burger I have ever had before. It just hit the spot in every way. I ate every last bite on my plate and remember thinking when I was done that maybe I should head back the next day for lunch again. They definitely nailed that Umami concept.

Now what burger am I speaking of? I am talking about Umami Burger. I’ve admired this place from afar because while available in California for a long time, it only just opened up shop in NYC this summer, a few weeks ago.

I think that maybe some of that new restaurant smell has worn off a tiny bit because my wait was only five minutes. Everyone else that I know that has gone waited two hours. Or maybe it was just a good time to go. And just in case it was just a good time to go, I sure as hell ain’t telling you when I went. Love you, kisses.

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We started off with Closing Bell cocktails. I really loved reading their cocktail list because they created drinks and names referring to NYC, and even had one named after my Alma Mater, The Bobcats. Closing Bell was great and was made with Eagle Rare bourbon and Grand Marnier. I hate sweet drinks and this one was just slightly tinged and incredibly smooth. Lately I’ve been putting gin martinis and Jameson’s to the side and trying more rye whiskeys and bourbons.

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Caesar salad: very pretty, healthy, light, nothing to write home about, but a solid salad. Let’s get to the burger, right?

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I like to cut my burgers in half and eat them from the middle out. Just cutting it, you could feel how beautifully cooked it was, how juicy it was and how soft the bun was. Featured here is the house-made truffle cheese, truffle glaze burger, AKA, Truffle Burger. Absolutely amazing. It was so juicy, loved the sweetness in the bun and while there wasn’t a strong truffle flavor, I didn’t care, because however, and whatever they did to put this burger together to get it to hit all the right taste buds was perfect. Hands down the most satisfying burger I have had in my entire life. (My favorite after them would be the burger at Bar 21 at 21 Club.)

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We also ordered a side of truffle cheese fries. Next time I would prefer to get the plain ones or Manly fries. I love, love truffle and love, love cheese, but the sauce was a bit too oily, heavy and grainy on the skinny fries. You ever made a roux or cheese sauce that just didn’t come together quite right? That’s kind of the texture we got in our mouths, which is weird, because if it’s the same sauce on the burger, it didn’t feel that way at all on the burger.

So good though, I really can’t wait to go back.

Happy food dance.

432 6th Ave

New York, 10011
(212) 677-8626

Joyce Huang
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