Tsukiji Fish Market In Tokyo, Japan

This was one of my favorite places to visit in Tokyo. If you want to try fresh seafood, amazing street food, fresh fruit, fierce cutlery, and soak in some culture, this is a must for your Tokyo trip. It is very crowded though and is an early morning activity. Even if you don’t have tickets for the early morning auction or plan on entering the auction space at 10am or later, it is really worth the visit.

We didn’t enter the auction areas for two reasons. 1. There was a lot of people. 2. To me it’s a bit disrespectful to interfere with someone’s business. There are so many tourists there, that I can see just how annoying it can be to work in the auction areas. Because we stayed in the Ginza area, we were able to walk right over to the Tsukiji Market. We got there around 8:30 a.m. and it was bustling. So many things to see! We didn’t really have a plan. We just walked down every single aisle possible.

This was my first bite at the market. A sweetened, rolled omelet. They can also be found on sticks.

His food looked delicious, so I couldn’t resist.

The first time I have ever had sea urchin out of the shell.

The fruit is very expensive in Japan. The strawberries were absolutely delicious there though. So fresh tasting. 

My first time having pineapple strawberries. I tried growing them at home and it didn’t work. I haven’t been able to find them at the markets either. I prefer the regular red strawberries, but fun to try.

Some big seafood.

More big seafood. #HolyCrap

There’s me placing an order for some knives.

This one was for me :).

Patrick munched on some chicken and edamame fritters. Pretty tasty.

I can’t remember entirely what this was. It was kind of like corn and maybe a fish cake on a stick.

I just really liked her smile in this picture, so wanted to include it. I bought the corn on a stick from her.

Sooooo good. We split a soft serve cone and it was amazing. They have a company there called Silkream that we really enjoyed. It’s a chain, so you can find it in other areas of Tokyo.

There I am buying seasoned fish bones to snack on.

Here I’m getting some young, dried shrimp because I had some at Sushi Fujita in some soup and it tasted amazing.

There I am buying some miso. Soooo heavy, but that’s why my husband was with me.

There was a temple across from Tsukiji fish market, so we stopped by and took a peek.

Talk and write soon!

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