Tried and Tested: Giada De Laurentiis Struffoli Recipe

Struffoli 1

When we do Christmas at our house, I love having a struffoli there to snack on. These addicting, fried balls of dough, drenched in honey and non-pareils are a traditional sweet for Italian households and I’ve made it one of my own traditions now.

Instead of buying one from a bakery this year, I opted to make my own, using Giada De Laurentiis’s struffoli recipe. The flavors were great because I love citrus, which is added to the dough and to the honey. Think of these as lemon-kissed struffoli.

Struffoli 3

Just some things to keep in mind when using this recipe.

-Make it a couple of days ahead of time so that it has time to dry out and get to a crunchy stage.

-Do not cover it during this time. I did, and my struffoli didn’t get to that harder stage that I prefer. I know that it softened from the saran wrap, because I left out a bit for myself to snack on and didn’t cover it. Within 2 days, that batch was hardening up nicely.

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