Triangle Pizzeria East Harlem


[Update 3/1/2019: The pizza here tastes different now. The guy you usually see at Triangle is now at La Amistad Pizzeria & Grill, which opened not too long ago. I tried the pizza there today and it’s great! So if you are looking for Triangle pizza, you can get it at La Amistad now.]


Triangle pizza 2

There are a lot of pizza spots in Spanish Harlem. However, there aren’t many good pizza spots. One of my go to places for pizza in the area is Triangle on 106th street. Definitely the best for this area that I have found so far. It’s a tiny hole in the wall that you wouldn’t even think about walking into till you smell it. The pizza is incredibly cheesy and look how beautiful their garlic knots are. They don’t make the garlic knots all the time though, so if you stop by, make sure to snag one to try.




Triangle Pizza

246 E 106th St

(between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave)

New York, NY 10029

Joyce Huang
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