To-Die-For Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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I came across the site Savory Simple months ago and I’m hooked. The blog is about an “amateur foodie,” (her own words) who is becoming a “professional chef.” What I love about this site is that she is documenting her very tasty journey and shares recipes and gorgeous pictures while she is at it.

The other night I got a hankering for chocolate chip cookies, and while I usually use Alton Brown’s “The Chewy” recipe, I remembered that Savory Simply made some tasty looking ones and thought that I should try that instead. So you see the above picture? Yeah, that’s a stunning picture that Savory Simple took of perfect cookies that she made. However, when you don’t have patience and all the ingredients, they come out like the below. See my cookies that look like droopy pancakes? Don’t they look sad? They may look sad, but boy did they taste fantastic. Notice that I’m not a professional photographer and used my iphone to take the picture?

As any baker knows, follow the recipe if you can. My chocolate chip cookies turned out this way because:

1)    I ran out of white sugar.

2)    I didn’t have any vegetable shortening, so I used all butter.

3)    I didn’t wait for the dough to chill correctly because all I wanted was one damn cookie.

4)    I didn’t let the cookies cool off enough before I stacked them because I have no patience and I was running out of room in my kitchen.

In the end though, I must say, the cookies were fabulous after they cooled off. Eaten right out of the oven, they fell apart right in my hands because they were too soft. However, by the next day, they hardened up just right. Because of the insane amount of butter, they tasted like chocolate chip madelines, and I love me some madelines! The inside was chewy and cakey, and the edges were buttery and crisp. But if I were you, as amazing as these cookies taste, I would try the recipe the exact same way that Savory Simple writes because, after all, she is the professional! And if these cookies are so delicious and addicting when made the wrong way, I can’t even imagine what they will taste like when made the right way!

-Joyce Huang

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