Tipsy Parson, True To Its Name, A Damn Good Cocktail

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Maybe this isn’t a fair post. I was in a rush and I had dinner already, so I couldn’t fit down an entrée, but my mind insisted that I try some of the bar snacks. Have you been to Tipsy Parson yet? If not, then read on.

Conveniently located next to a restaurant that I had a lovely dinner at, me and my dining mate decided to pop in for a quick drink and I must say that cocktail wise, I wasn’t disappointed. After grabbing a couple of seats I decided on the maple old fashioned and it was amazing. The maple added a perfect balance of sweet against the hard liquor and it wasn’t overly sugary at all. It was delicious and refreshing and I know that the next time that I go to Tipsy Parson, that I will be torn between getting this wonderful drink or trying something new. Now, now, I know what you are all thinking, knowing me, I would have tried all the drinks at the bar, however, I already had two Manhattans with dinner and had work the next morning so I knew that getting another drink was probably a bad idea.

Food wise? Bar snacks wise, it was only OK. I have to go back and try and actual entrée. At the bar I ordered:

Deviled Eggs: An oldie, but a goodie, it was a recommendation of one of the bartenders, but I was disappointed. It was OK, but there was a strange tartness to it. Vinegar? Pickling somehow? It wasn’t the heart attack, flavorful deviled egg that I am use to.

Assortment of pickles: Grapes, carrots, onions, string beans, turnips, mushrooms and all that good stuff. Again my expectations weren’t met. I LOVE pickled vegetables. When I’m working, I keep a jar of pickles next to me to snack on, I love them so much. When I get my stinky tofu at Chinese restaurants, I devour the pickled cabbage, carrots and turnips. Not so much at Tipsy Parson and for one reason. Too much salt. And I like my salt, but, for the price of these pickles, I expected more.

Hush Puppies: The best hush puppies I have had in my entire life. It came with an aioli dipping sauce that I didn’t need because they were flavorful enough and so satisfying that I was pleasantly surprised after tasting the other two options. They were beautifully fried, the outside was so light and crispy, and the inside was the perfect level of denseness. Gorgeous. Can gorgeous be used to describe texture and flavor? On my blog it can!

5.5 out of 10 if you just eat, 6.5 out of 10 if you enjoy a cocktail

156 9th Ave, New York 10011

-Joyce Huang
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