This Was A Thing Of Beauty

My “Uovo” soft egg yolk filled raviolo with truffled butter at SD26.

I know that SD26 is known for their amazing wines, including their fancy, automatic self serve wine dispenser, but I went to try this specific small dish. And oh boy, let me tell you, it was worth the trip. When you cut into you the runny yolk pours out over the cheese, pasta and truffled butter. I cut it up into bite size pieces and then used a spoon to eat it to scoop all that yolk and butter up. Granted, on their bar and lounge menu, it is the most expensive snack on the menu at $21, I would get it again, and plan on it. But have no fear, the rest of the bar and lounge menu otherwise ranges in $6-$12 for food, so you will have no problem filling yourself up. One suggestion, skip the fried meatballs. The texture was off, I’m not sure if they use a lot of bread in it or what, but it reminded me of the stuffing of a sofa cushion. However, I really enjoyed the bruschetta with bufala mozzarella and tomatoes. You can tell that they use really nice quality ingredients. The tomatoes were so nice and bright tasting and the mozzarella so creamy and dreamy. The lollipops of chicken wings with honey and chili pepper sauce were great, and not messy at all. They also pass around pizza bianca with mortadella for people to snack on. This is not a pizza in the way that we think of it, rather they were basically mortadella sandwiches and even today, I am still thinking about how great that mortadella tasted. It was sliced nice and thin and I know that I could eat a pound of it by itself.

How was the wine? Erm… I’m not sure, but my Basil Hayden manhattan was just lovely, and so was our fabulous bartender Renato.

8 out of 10 for the bar/lounge area


19 East 26th Street

New York, NY 10010

(212) 265-5959

-Joyce Huang
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