Things I Learned at Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn Flea Food Market

I love Red Hook Lobster rolls. Like love. LOVE! The lobster has a salty seawater taste that is fantastic. Plus, I love that you can choose either Maine style (cold with mayo) or Connecticut style (hot with butter). Definitely the best I have had in New York City.

I love Lassen & Hennigs freshly frosted black & white cookies. It’s just $3 for this tasty monstrosity. If they charged more for it, I would still suggest purchasing it. The frosting is so good and I’m a big fan of how they lay it on really thick. And I also learned that I have wonderful friends. My train got really delayed so I was really worried that Lasson & Hennigs would be sold out for the day by the time I got there. I just missed the cut-off. Right after I was informed that Brad and Maria, who were running the booth, saved a cookie for me, I heard Brad shout out, “We got two left, People!” And that was it.


I love Dough doughnuts. P took a bite and apparently took a whole walk down memory lane in that strange head of his. Supposedly, they taste exactly like Shipley doughnuts in Texas, which he gushes about all the time, but unfortunately, can’t get in NYC. He was an extremely happy camper. Dough doughnuts have a texture that is similar to fresh baked white bread. It’s hearty, but very light and spongey at the same time.

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-Joyce Huang

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