Thin Crust Pizza At PIE By The Pound

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New York City is full of fantastic pizza and maybe because it reminds me of my teenage years, but whenever I stroll by PIE in the East Village, I have to go in. PIE sells pizza by the pound and all you do is just tell them how much you want them to cut off, whenever it’s an inch wide or 5 inches wide and it’s yours. The other day I stopped in on my way to buy potting soil and thought that the guy in front of me had the right idea. He bought an inch of what seemed like every pizza they had. Sadly, since I was running errands, I could only purchase whatever would easily fit on a plate and not be too messy. Walk and eat, walk and eat. I went with old time favorites, margherita and white, but they really do have a plethora of choices from eggplant to salad or spinach and caprese. PIE also carries a selection of beer and dessert pizzas (which, even to my surprise I still haven’t tried, I think simply because I love savory pizzas). In the summer time they have $4 sangrias. Oh! And even though I go for the food and not the alcohol, they have a really cheap happy hour of beers and wines! Think alcohol for under $5.

I’m a huge fan of PIE because thin crust pizza is one of my favorite types and also feels very snackable, so I don’t feel too full after I finish my plate. One of my main problems though, is that it can get pricey. For my margherita and white slices that were about 2 inches in width and 8 inches in length, I payed a little over $4, even though it was still smaller than a New York style slice. Was it worth it? Yes, I just wish the price per pound were cheaper. However, I understand that that’s the price that must be payed since I am able to choose as many other styles that you want, without having to pay for a whole slice.

If you love thin crust pizza, then this really is an oldie and a goodie for you to try out.

7 out of 10


1542 2nd Avenue

New York, NY 10028

-Joyce Huang

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  • oooh . . . this sounds wonderful. i remember having my first experience of eating/ordering pizza by weight in rome and would love to try this place soon!

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