The Vegetable Dish Mr. Juice Can’t Get Enough Of

Doe-Meow. Besides knowing how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘hello’ in Chinese, it’s the only other word in Chinese Mr. Juice knows. As a matter of fact, when we go to Chinese restaurants, Mr. Juice will look at the waiter with puppy dog eyes, and in a hopeful voice ask, “Doe-Meow?” What is doe-meow? Doe-meow means snow pea sprouts. I grew up eating it, but a lot of chefs are using it in their cuisine now. I’ve seen it on menus as fish taco toppings to complements for meat dishes. Everything gets its shining moment at some point, right? Don’t ask me why, but doe-meow dishes in Chinese restaurants, no matter how cheap the restaurant usually is, will be in the $10-$15 range, depending if it is in season or not. It’s much cheaper if you just head to Chinatown and buy some for yourself. My mom I think pays about $5 for a big bag of it. Actually, now that I think about it, my mom has stocked me with doe-meow my entire life because she knows how much I enjoy it, so thank you mommy.

It can be very hard to differentiate one leafy green from another, but it’s really easy to figure this one out.

Doe-meow has curly-cues sprouting out of it. Very whimsical, very Tim Burton-ish too.

The standard way that I grew up eating it is just doe-meow sautéed in oil and garlic. Simple, quick and tasty.


Doe-meow (I usually cook as much as I can fit in the pan, it will cook down a lot, just like spinach)

3-7 garlic cloves, sliced, depending on how much you like garlic. I like garlic

Salt to taste


Now What?

I heat my pan up and then pour enough oil in it to coat it and some more. Throw in all of the garlic you want and a big sprinkling of salt. When the garlic has lightly browned, throw in the doe-meow and start tossing it in the oil and let it cook down. After every minute give it a good toss. When it looks cooked down and has a deep and rich green color, you know that it’s done.

It’s crunchy, clean and rich tasting. If you’ve never tried it before, you really should. I’ve actually never met a person who doesn’t like it.

-Joyce Huang

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  • Hey There Chasingjamesbeard,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Here is a great healthy recipe that not many people have tried – Fried Yucca!

    Yucca contains a high amount of vitamin C and carbohydrates. It is also a good source of dietary fiber and contains approximately 120 calories per 1 cup serving.

    1 pound fresh yucca (cassava), cut into 3-inch sections and peeled

    In a pot combine the yucca with enough cold water to cover it by 1 inch. Boil then slowly simmer the yucca for 20 to 30 minutes, or until it is tender.
    Preheat oven to 350? F.
    Transfer the yucca with a slotted spoon to a cutting board, let it cool, and cut it lengthwise into 3/4-inch-wide wedges, discarding the thin woody core.
    Spray cookie sheet with the nonstick cooking oil spray. Spread yucca wedges on cookie sheet. Cover with foil and bake for 8 minutes. Uncover and return to oven to bake for 7 minutes.

    Season with butter and salt alone is fine.

    Catch you again soon!

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