The Valentine’s Macaron Massacre


Trying to stay on a clean eating kick this week has really hindered my going out. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy at home and one of the things that I have been doing is going to food photos on my computer that I never wrote about. Apparently there are a ton.

I like to remember this photo as the Macaron Massacre. I was presented with a beautifully wrapped box of Ladurée macarons and I did what any classy lady would do. I unwrapped it, balanced it on my belly and proceeded to take a bite out of eat one so that I could taste all of the flavors. Nomnomnomnom. I love Ladurée so much. When you bite into one, you know that this is what a macaron should taste and feel like.

If you are ever invited to my apartment, just beware about opening cookie or chocolate boxes. I have a habit of taking a bite out of each piece and putting the rest back in the box. This way I get to try every flavor.

But in all fairness, they are my chocolates and cookies and macarons. I can do what I want with them!!


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-Joyce Huang

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