The Salt Bagel. It’s a Magical Carb.

salt bagel 1

Growing up in the boroughs of New York, bagels have always been a staple in my diet. I’d eat them for breakfast, I’d eat them for lunch, I’d eat them for dinner. Nice, chewy and satisfying, you could give them a good schmear of anything you wanted, think cream cheese or butter, to whitefish salad and jelly. Or we’d use them to house thick BLT’s or egg and cheese sandwich fillings. The water we have here is what makes them so great I think, because I had a couple of bagels outside of the New York and New England area and I’m pretty sure that I spit it out.

salt bagel 2

My favorite of all of them isn’t plain, cinnamon raisin or the one everyone seems to covet, the everything bagel. Rather mine is the salt bagel. A chewy bagel is covered in big salt crystals that add extra salt and that are balanced out beautifully by whatever you will it with. My favorite ways to eat a salt bagel are as follows:

  • In high school we called it a Heartstopper. The Heartstopper bagel was one that was filled with so much cream cheese or butter, that the method one would think on how they decided to portion the filling was going one step past, I put too much on.
  • Slathering one side with cream cheese and the other with butter. This way I get a lot of both worlds.

I’m starting to think that I am of a girl of excess when it comes to bagels, cream cheese and butter.

Joyce Huang

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