The Red Velvet Everyone Must Try

Every bakery has a red velvet cake or cupcake is seems like. It’s a classic recipe that people cannot get enough of and many places make forgettable ones. Savoy bakery in East Harlem is not one of those places. I’ve written about Savory before, but their red velvet really deserves its own post. The first time I ever had their red velvet when was I asked them to make mini cupcakes for me for a big event I was having and they were a huge hit. You won’t believe how unbelievably moist their cake is. At first, you might wonder if it is slightly undercooked, which it might be, but it really makes the cake what it is and doesn’t take away from it at all. And thank god they use cream cheese frosting on it. I’m not a fan of red velvets without cream cheese frosting. It makes me :(.

Remembering how everyone devoured those cupcakes at the event, prompted me to order a whole cake for my mother’s birthday dim sum at Grand Harmony, and everyone raved about it then as well. I even offered some to the restaurant’s manager, who politely refused, but after cutting into it decided that he had to have some.

Russian Juice stopped by my apartment for a nap the other day and the funny thing was that she showed up with a slice of Savoy red velvet to eat when she woke up.

If you are a red velvet lover or a cream cheese frosting lover, you have to make a trip to Savory. It really it one of the best red velvets I have ever had before. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I could sit in front of a whole red velvet cake of theirs and just eat fistfuls of it with my hands (I have this weird thing where I think food tastes better if I get to eat with my hands). I bet it would be lovely.

9 out of 10 (just the red velvet cake)

Savoy Bakery

170 East 110th Street

New York, NY 10029

(212) 828-8896

-Joyce Huang

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