The Poor Woman’s Blinis & Caviar

I think I’m going to start calling myself “The Lazy Cook,” or “The Pantry Cook,” because once again, I made a dinner out of what I had available in my kitchen, rather than make myself even more tired than I already was, or buy ingredients I would only use once and forget about in my cupboards.

Tonight’s meal had somewhat of a rich note, as I was craving blinis and caviar.  I kind of did the poor woman’s version though, since I didn’t see the need to buy a whole bag of buckwheat flour to make one serving of blinis. What I did was make mini Bisquick pancakes, and them topped it with smoked salmon (if you buy smoked salmon bits, Fresh Direct has, it’s perfect for this dish, especially since it’s cheaper than smoked salmon that’s just in bigger sheets.

On top of the smoked salmon, I put a dollop of sour cream (crème fraiche is normally used, but I had sour cream), and then gently layered the salmon roe on top. I LOVE salmon roe. Juicy and salty, it’s not for everyone. And then I have the perfect bite to satisfy my cravings.

Just FYI, I made the Bisquick pancake recipe, with just one cup of the flour mixture, 1/2 cup of milk and 1 egg. This allowed me to make 30 mini pancakes. I ate half with the salty salmon and roe, and the other half for dessert with syrup.

-Joyce Huang

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