The Original Ninfa’s On Navigation

I came across this Eater video on Ninfa’s today and wanted to share it. Ninfa’s changed my view on Tex-Mex cuisine.

Growing up in NYC, Tex-Mex was basically just a version of Mexican fast food. We didn’t have restaurants devoted to it, mainly take out joints. When I started dating my husband, he would reminisce about Tex-Mex food, but every time we ate it in Texas, I thought it was good, but nothing that I would ever go crazy about. We found that it was also never as good as he remembered it to be. Then we went to Houston for a wedding and that’s where everything changed.

My cousin-in-laws suggested that we eat at Ninfa’s for some good Tex-Mex and they were so right. I’m only showing two pictures because it was so dark at our table, that these were the only two images that I could somewhat salvage through Photoshop. The food was fantastic there. T

heir tortillas were amazing. As a matter of fact, their tortillas reminded me of this Chinese tortilla that my grandmother made me growing up. I ordered a ton of them to go so that I could take them back to NYC with me. I drank a tequila flight that was wonderful and of high quality.

We were able to order comfort foods like enchiladas and rice and beans, but they had some fancier dishes like a rolled pork loin that was very impressive for what one would expect to come out of a Tex-Mex kitchen.

If you find yourself near a Ninfa’s, be sure to make some time to grab a bite there.

O.K. I need to go take a nap. Buh-bye.

The Original Ninfa’s On Navigation

2704 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX 77003

Joyce Huang

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