The New British Peep On The Block: Jones Wood Foundry

Apparently the Brits can cook, and very well I might add. With 2 very good-looking Brits in tow, I headed to the Jones Wood Foundry for a lovely, candle lit dinner. Mind you, we were the only table that had a candle, hence, why I don’t have that many pictures to show since it was so dark in there, though, having the only candle in there  did make us feel extremely special.

To start with, we had to change the number of our reservation, and even though it did cause a slight problem, the host, was extremely accommodating and polite about it. Phew.  And then to top it off, our waitress was the most adorable and sweetest woman ever.

Once we were seating and looking at the “Toasts” menu and the regular dinner menu, we were ready to get our eats on. Keep in mind that they have no hard liquor available at the restaurant at this point and time. Only wine and beer. We let the good-looking Brits do the ordering and it was really fun and educational.

Marmite-served with toast. It’s a really salty, sludgy, spread, with a hint of bitterness to it. You really only need a little bit of it, because the flavors will hit you hard. It’s made of yeast, and has a meaty taste to it even. I’m glad I tried it, it’s something that I think would be interesting to add to different recipes to experiment with. It’s kind of a mainstay product on the other side of the world that Americans aren’t use to.

Pork rillette-a Berkshire pork and scratchings spread for toast. What I found to be really cool about this dish, is that here we are at a British restaurant, eating English food, and yet, this concoction tasted so similar to mofongo.

Scotch egg-Hard boiled egg wrapped in meat and fried, served with tartar sauce. This was great, I love 1)eggs, 2) meat, 3) fried things, 4) tartar sauce. It’s like a heart attack on a plate, but not heavy at how. How they managed to pull that balance off I’ll never know. Maybe the tartar sauce really helped with that, because for me, I was surprised to see that on the plate.

Chicken liver and foie gras-Not an inventive dish, but executed extremely well. Light and airy, this was probably the hands down favorite appetizer for the table.

Veal chop-served with a mash of potatoes and cabbage. This was a well-cooked dish, that was hearty and delicious. I was extremely please with it, and loved how such simple ingredients, had so much flavor.

Grilled tuna loin-with parsnip and date puree. The tuna was fresh that day, which is why the waitress recommended it, and it was light and wonderful. The puree tasted like a dessert and was so smooth and delightful. A great entrée.

Cottage pie-ground beef pie topped with mashed potatoes. An extremely filling portion, that is beautifully baked and presented, it’s great for those who want comfort food.

Haddock and chips-probably one of the first things that we think of when it comes to British food, the fish was great and not greasy at all. Though I must say that the fries were a disappointment and had no crunch. Definitely add some vinegar to it for some flavor.

Sticky toffee pudding-served with treacle sauce (kind of like a thick maple syrup in taste). Another dish that tasted very homey and well balanced. I’m so happy that I had treacle sauce, I didn’t know it really existed since I’ve only seen it in Harry Potter books.

Milk chocolate & sea salt pie-served with chantilly cream. Um, yum! Sweet and salty, but for the 100th time in this post, very well balanced. This chef is fantastic at pulling together a dish that makes you understand and taste why every ingredient is on the plate.

9 out of 10

Jones Wood Foundry

401 E 76th St

New York, NY 10021

(212) 249-2700

-Joyce Huang
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