The Italian Hero At Every Street Fair

Summertime in New York City means lots of street fairs and feasts, and one of the staple booths you find at every one are the ones that sell sausage, pepper and onion heroes. So easy to make, whenever I’m craving one at home, I can whip one up easily during any season to bring back lovely summer memories.


Italian bread with sesame seeds

Hot or sweet Italian sausage, I use hot

Green or red peppers, or both

Yellow onion

Oil to sauté in

Now What?

For one sandwich, I broil one sausage, about 5 minutes on each side, You can also cook one up in a pan. I usually make small slices into the sausage casing for fear of it bursting open when it’s cooking. Hmmmm, sounds a little sexual, but I guess you can’t help that when writing about sausage.

While that’s cooking up, slice the peppers the long way. For the onions, I sliced rounds of it so that it keeps its circle formation. Saute together until everything is slightly browned. For one sandwich I use half a pepper and half an onion so that I have a little extra on the side.

Bread, I slice it the long way, keeping one side intact so that everything stays in the sandwich while I am eating it. Toast it in the over on in a pan. I like toasting it in the platter or pan that I cooked the sausages in so that it soaks up some of that meat flavor.

Now, all you have to is place the cooked sausage in the bread and top with as many peppers and onions that you want.


-Joyce Huang

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