The Food At Uva Wine Bar Made Me Sad

I’ve heard good things about Uva on the upper east side, but I must say that it is overpriced and a bit overrated. Don’t get me wrong, they did have good dishes and great wines, but after tasting four dishes, only one tasted really good, while the others were good, but extremely overpriced.

In the picture above, you have a bowl of Lambrusco wine. I love Lambrusco wine, which is basically a sparkling red. The one they served was just OK and was priced at $10.50 a bowl. Mr. Juice got a cabarnet that was delicious though.

And here we have the polenta, which I was swooning over. It is the Polenta Tartufata filled with robiola cheese in a black truffle sauce. It was very rich, but not overpowering. I was using the bread on table to scoop up any remnants in the dish since we were given forks to use, not spoons. Spoons would have been a plus here!

This is their Polpettine di Vitello which is mini veal meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce and served with grilled ciabatta bread. The sauce and bread were a delight, but the actual meatballs were quite unmemorable.

The gnocchi di ricotta was the dish I was waiting for to die over. I’m such a huge fan of ricotta gnocchi and this one was served in a creamy black truffle and chive sauce which is why I am sad to say that this course was just a big FAIL. The gnocchi didn’t melt in my mouth, which is what I expect my ricotta gnocchi to do and the sauce lacked flavor. I’ve had much better at other restaurants.

Then there was the Vitello Gratinato con Melanzale, a veal topped with Italian eggplant and soft pecorino cheese. When you have a proper piece of veal, and a properly cooked piece of veal, you should be able to just cut it with your fork. This was not the case. It was overcooked and tough. It could have been pork and I wouldn’t have know the difference. One note though, the flavor was good on this dish, it was just that the meat with a disappointment.

Overall I’m bring a bit tougher on Uva because the food wasn’t awful, but for the prices that they charge, you would expect the food to taste much, much better than they did. I’m wondering if the quality of the food and cooking has gone down because of their popularity now. Would I go back? For wine and snack, yes. For an entrée, absolutely not. The entrees range from $17-$22. I’d rather take that money and catch a movie and get some Shake Shack.

6 out of 10


1486 2nd Ave

(between 77th St & 78th St)

New York, NY 10021

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