The Fat Radish Was A Delight To Try

Hey guys! I’m still feeling sick, so am going to limit my writing in this post. But I’m really excited to share Fat Radish with you. It was an amazing restaurant, with really fresh tasting dishes where you could really appreciate the quality of the ingredients that they use. I really love the name too.

First, I set my menu on fire. Yes, I was that girl. But I managed to put it out without causing to huge of a scene and the waitress was very gracious about it. They then brought us a plate of radishes to snack on till the rest of our food arrived.

First up was the beet crumble with goat cheese, aged cheddar, hazelnuts and oats. It was really good and so big! It was like a small loaf of bread. Honestly, it could have passed for an entrée. However, I can’t eat too many beets at one time, otherwise I get nauseous, so I stopped after a few bites since it was very beet heavy.

Honey glazed duck with winter squash and wheat berries. The duck was cooked perfectly, and wasn’t too fatty. And it was really refreshing that they served the squash in slices, rather than mashing it like so many restaurants do. It made it feel really hearty. And the wheat berries was a great touch to add another layer of texture to the overall dish. What is a wheat berry? It’s an entire wheat kernel.

We also snacked on the lobster salad and I have nothing bad to say about it. Simple and straightforward, and delicious.

Duck fat chips. I was really looking forward to these, but they fell flat and lacked flavor, which is really weird since they were cooked in duck fat. I’ll skip this for my next trip.

Dessert? I apologize, but I was so full, that I couldn’t ingest anything else, but their options did sound lovely.

8 out of 10

The Fat Radish

17 Orchard St

(between Canal St & Hester St)

New York, NY 10002

-Joyce Huang
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