The Famous NYC Dessert Bar, Chikalicious

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I had assumed that everyone had been to Chikalicious, but I was wrong. Whoops! So here it goes:

Chikalicious is, I am guessing, named after Chika, the chef and one of the owners. And you will be sure to see her husband Don faithfully there every night it seems. Don is a part owner, manager, sommelier and first rate host! Seriously, the man is so good at customer service.

It’s a tiny, tiny, tiny dessert bar. The best time to go is right after work, otherwise you will be waiting on a long line, for a long time. The main part of the room is a bar where they make the desserts right in front of you and then a few tables to the side. It’s a lot of fun there because they are making art right in front of your eyes. So you get to eat and you get entertained at the same time. Don’t feel bad about watching, they seem very use to it!

I can’t describe how to categorize the desserts. The restaurant themselves describe their plates as “American desserts, French Presentation and Japanese tasting portions.” Without fail I always order the prix fixe of an amuse, main dessert and petite fours. You can add on a wine pairing to this, but I am a huge fan of their specialty cocktails, and because the menu is constantly changing, whenever I go they have a new one to try that night. The amuses are wonderful, full of fruits and gelees or sorbets, yummy. The main desserts are so hard to choose! While the only mainstays seem to be the Fromage Blanc Island “Cheese Cake” (this is not your typical cheesecake, see above) and the Warm Chocolate Tart with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream and Red Wine Sauce, everything else is constantly changing. And you want to pick right because you know when you come back you aren’t going to see it again.

So, since I’ve been to Chikalicious so many times, and I’ve never had the same main dish, the general consensus is that, well, if it were bad, I wouldn’t have kept going back. Their desserts are never sugary sweet. Everything is about balance. Something doesn’t have to have a ton of sugar to be considered a dessert.

Oh, and it’s so lovely when you are done with your main course and they present you with a dainty plate of petite fours, usually a homemade marshmallow coated in toasted coconut, a type of cookie and a rich chocolate truffle. Without alcohol, the prix fixe is only $14. That’s freaking amazing for NYC! That’s freaking why the lines are so long. It’s a perfect place to bring your date too. I’ve eaten there alone before and was literally the only one there without a pair. Whatever, I had melon sorbet in my mouth and a glass of raspberry sparkling wine in my hand, what did I care?

8.5 out of 10

203 East 10th Street,
New York, NY 10003
Note: They have a take out place across the street, do not confuse the two. The dessert bar has no big sign, you will just see a large glass window and door.

-Joyce Huang

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