The Dish All Of My Dinner Guests Can’t Get Enough Of

Wow! When I started making baked kale, I couldn’t imagine the love affair that everyone would have with it. When you bite into a piece of it, it’s crispy, crunchy, savory and light. It’s kind of like a healthy potato chip, but it doesn’t taste healthy. For the last three dinner guests that I have had, I whipped this up as a side dish because it’s super easy to make.  I was taken off guard by everyone’s sudden addiction to it. I mean, I knew I loved it, but along the line I expected someone else to just think it was OK. I was wrong. This dish is a freaking winner, apparently. It’s kind of amusing watching everyone devour it. The big shocker for everyone is that everyone who tastes it assumes that it is fried, when in reality it’s baked, you can’t even tell. I saw someone make it on Top Chef one time and the judge mistakenly thought it was fried as well and he’s suppose to know food for a living! My guests on separate occasions raved about it, devoured the massive bowls of it and asked for the recipe. My last dinner guest even texted me to tell me that he wants a friend of his, who owns an Italian restaurant in downtown Manhattan, to try it.

Sadly, I can’t take credit for this dish, I give all credit to Gillian McKeith, the holistic host of BBC’s You Are What You Eat. I saw her make it one day and for some reason really wanted to try it. Love the show by the way, though I must say that this is the only recipe I’ve ever tried from the show. All the other food on the show comes across as really bland and boring. I also put salt on my baked kale even though Gillian is so healthy, she would probably yell at me for doing that.

You ready for this super easy recipe?


One big bunch of kale for every 2 people. Trust me, this will go quick!

Olive oil – 2 tbs


Now What?

Heat up your oven to 375 degrees.

Wash the kale thoroughly and dry well. Cut the leaves off of the center rib and then rip the leaves up into potato chip sizes and throw into a big mixing bowl. Keep doing this until the bowl is almost full and then hand toss all of the ripped up kale with the olive oil until everything is evenly coated. Remember, the 2 tablespoons is for the entire bunch of kale, not just whatever fits in your bowl. On a baking sheet, lay out as much kale as you can so that it’s not too crowded. Bake for 12 minutes, or until it’s nice and crunchy and sprinkle with salt. Keep repeating this baking process until you finish cooking all the kale.

And that’s it! I really do hope that you love this dish as much as my guests and me do. It’s also an amazing healthy substitute for potato chips. I actually mentioned how to make baked kale in a previous post, but it’s gotten such rave reviews from my friends lately that I thought it deserved its own post.

-Joyce Huang


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