The Best Macaron I Have Ever Had

When you have a good macaron, you can taste it immediately. Now, I’ve had average macarons and I’ve had good macarons, but the other day in the lower east side of New York City, I had an amazing one. It tasted like a bite of heaven. It really did. The first bite had me swooning and I was looking online to see when the store opened in the mornings so that I might be able to head over before my brunch. Sadly, I wasn’t able to, but man-oh-man, have I been thinking about that confection a lot lately.

On my way out of lunch at Stanton Social I did a double take as I passed by a small store, that I assumed sold clothing, but was quite bare. Being the nosy girl that I was, I made a u-turn and dragged Mr. Juice in. It was a store, but it didn’t sell clothing. All it sold were these beautiful macarons that were displayed in a simple and sleek glass case. The display was small and there was only one other customer in the shop with me. I found it a bit amusing because at first I couldn’t figure out how they could pay their rent by just selling macarons. It’s about $2-$3 for one. Only wanting to just taste what they had to offer, I left the shop with a single pecan caramel macaron. At my first nibble, I stopped asking how they pay their rent. My bisou ciao macaron was the best macaron I have ever had in my life. Keep in mind that I have probably tried macarons from about 10 shops my entire life. Some in Paris, some in New York. So there is without a doubt more room for exploration on my side, but it would really surprise me if someone left bisou ciao disappointed. As the friendly salesperson handed me my cookie, he asked that I wait a few minutes for the salt to melt a little before I eat it. That salt, was such a key component to my pecan caramel macaron because my main problem with macarons from other shops is that they are way too sweet. Sometimes sickening sweet that I don’t even want to finish it. And I’m not talking about not finishing a 2-3 inch macaron, but just a dainty 1 inch one. You couldn’t taste the salt, but it balanced the flavors beautifully. The butter caramel in the center was smooth and silky, and the actual cookie just seemed to melt in my mouth. Even though it seems delicate in your mouth, I am happy to report that I had been carrying the macaron around in my coat pocket and it held up without getting crushed at all! So it’s a solid macaron, but completely transforms once you bite into it.

Man, I can’t believe I just wrote so much about one freaking macaron. Go when you can and make sure to buy some for me to thank me!

9.5 out of 10

bisou ciao

101 Stanton St

(between Orchard St & Ludlow St)

Manhattan, NY 10002

-Joyce Huang


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