The Bar Everyone Needs to Check Out

So…my regular bar has become a hot spot. I hate that. But I guess it’s safe to write about it now since apparently Yelp and New York mag are loving it, which is why people keep flocking to it.

Now for those who know me, you know my drinks of choice are

1_ Jameson on the rocks (not that fancy aged stuff, just the plain eight year)

2_ Rye whiskey perfect Manahttan with a twist

3_ Kettle One or Hendricks gin martini

So why is it that my regular bar is a Scottish bar that has a tag line that says they are a “Scottish pub that knows there’s no ‘E’ in whisky?

Long story short, I was going there before it was Caledonia. However, when it became Caledonia, the handsome and charming bartenders won me over on multiple occasions. Whether it was regarding personal problems or drunk male patrons who get out of line, I always felt safe and comfortable there. Plus, they even have amazing free whisky tastings there and know how to make a damn good drink. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to stop by because their reputation is booming. Also, this way you can be one of those people who said,

“Yeah, I knew Caledonia before it was one of those bars that expanded to every single borough in the New York.”

1609 2nd Ave (bet 83 and 84th str)

New York, NY 10028


Keep scrolling to see their whisky list that will have you coming back every week to try a new one.


Joyce Huang

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