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I’m usually out and about in East Harlem during the day, so when I passed by Tastings NYC building that recently went up, I didn’t think much of it, since it was labeled as a catering company. And then I heard through the Harlem grapevine that they actually open at night. Right away, I made a reservation and we went to go check it out.

The restaurant is called Mountain Bird, and is known as a Tasting Room of Tastings Social. Yes, the family tree is a little complicated with all of these names, but I do have to say that the food was delicious, and is going to be looked at as a wonderful addition to the East Harlem hood.

Mountain Bird is helmed by Chef Kenichi Tajima and wife Keiko who have created a menu focused around French cooking, fowl and seafood. I believe that I saw Keiko a few times during service and she is incredibly friendly, sweet and gracious. A wait staffer had a cocktail that was too full and it spilled a bit at the table. Rather than delegating, Keiko came right over to clean up the spill herself.

It did take a while for our drink orders to be taken and it took a long time for our drinks to come out as well, even though it is a small restaurant, however, food service went seamlessly and was perfectly timed.

The night went as follows for dishes on my end, there are a couple my friends ordered that I don’t have featured here because I didn’t want their food to get cold:

 Mountain Bird 8

Lavender Cosmopolitan: lavender vodka, lemon juice, mint, cranberry juice.

Grand Margarita: spicy margarita, very spicy, so not for the faint of heart, but delicious.

 Mountain Bird 7

Pumpernickel Baguette with Vanilla Butter: The bread was fantastic. The butter not so much. It tasted like frosting, but without the sugar. {Update: I really enjoy the butter now. Not sure if I’m just use to it, or they changed it in some way.}

 Mountain Bird 5

Maine Crab Salad: avocado, red pepper, shallot, mint mango coulis, crispy plate. Loved the crispy with the crab. I would have loved the coulis a bit less sweet, but on its own it was delicious.

 Mountain Bird 6

Mountain Bird 4

Shrimp Mac and Cheese: lobster bisque cream sauce, whole grain elbow pasta. One of the highlights of the night, you could taste a strong seafood essence, but it wasn’t fishy. Usually I don’t eat whole grain pasta, but in this case, it held up very well with rich sauce and had a lovely texture.

 Mountain Bird 3

Duck Duo: a special of the night with honey-glazed duck, seared foie gras, truffle sauce, creamed spinach and an assortment of vegetables. It was a beautifully prepared dish that I couldn’t stop eating. Surprising, I usually never noticed sides of vegetables on plates like this, but the potatoes and snap peas were lovely. Cooked just the right amount and tasted great with the sauce.

 Mountain Bird 1

Dark Chocolate Brownie with Coffee Ice Cream: Very rich and served warmed, the brownie was decadent and tasted like there were chips inside of it, but the star of the dish was the wonderfully made coffee ice cream.

 Mountain Bird 2

Thin Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream: This was my favorite dessert out of the two we tried. You need a knife to cut it, but the buttery pastry that doesn’t immediately yield to a fork was incredibly delicious and slightly caramelized. The thinness of the apples paired with it perfectly. Love.

Mountain Bird

251 E 110th str

New York, NY 10029

212-744-4422 X 1


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